Labour Defections

Last week saw nine former Labour MPs resigned from the Labour party. Like Jeremy Corbyn, MBC is disapointed that these MPs have decided to resign from the Labour party and set up a group in parliament with three Tory MPs. These former Labour MPs should resign their parliamentary seats and give us a ‘People’s vote’ in the form of by-elections. MBC is also calling on the Labour party to select Black candidates in at least half of these seats, which no longer have Labour candidates.

The Labour defectors have promised an alternative to the “broken” politics which the current Westminister parties offer, yet they have not come out with any concrete policy proposals. Incredibly, when asked since joing the IG Anna Soubry defended Tory austerity imposed under the Cameron-Osbourne ticket and said that “I think the things we did to the economy were absolutely necessary”.

It’s clear that this group of Establishment figures do not seek to challenge the political or economic status quo. What they represent is pro austerity and pro privatisation politics.

The only party that seeks to challenge Establish economic and political dogma is that of the Labour Party, calling for increasing taxes on the rich, ending austerity, public ownership of key utilities, scrapping tutition fees, and a radical Green New Deal.

If the Labour defectors truly believe in themselves they should stand on their politics in by-elections in their own constituencies.