MBC accuses UK Prime Minster Theresa May of authorising UK deportation squads that are racially targeting British black families.

Momentum Black Caucus (MBC)
Immediate Press Release. Wednesday, 4 April 2018.

Re: MBC accuses UK Prime Minster Theresa May of authorising UK deportation squads that are racially targeting British black families.
British Black communities are in uproar as a result of an increasing number of British Black people, born in Black Commonwealth countries, and who moved to the UK as children prior to the introduction of the 1971 Immigration Act, that had the effect of codifying racism into British immigration law.
British citizens such as Elwaldo Romeo 63 and came to the UK from Antigua arriving when he was just four years old. That was 59 years ago, and has lived and worked, and paid tax throughout that time,
Families whose parents came to Britain from Commonwealth countries years ago, are now discovering decades later,that their assumed, UK citizenship status had never been granted, usually as a result of their migrant and newly arrived parents committing some, small administrative failure and breaching some minor legal technicality.
And it’s not only older black people, there are an estimated 120,000 children living in the UK who have neither British citizenship nor leave to remain. More than half of them were born in the UK and many are entitled to register as British citizens under the British Nationality Act 1981.
However, many children are essentially prevented from accessing their rights to register as British citizens by the charging of a prohibitive, profit-making fees.

Lee Jasper, National MBC Press spoke person stated:

“These offensive deportations are causing huge anger, distress and misery. This represents a most determined, and we believe to be, distinctly racist, deportation campaign, led by the Prime Minister
Theresa May and Home Secretary, Amber Rudd and targeting black people.”

They’ve authorised the UK Borders Agency to embark on the most sustained, unrelenting racially, targeted harassment of black people we’ve seen in decades.

These are good, law abiding, working people, who have made their homes here, and through no fault of their own, now find them selves, targeted as if they were terrorist or serious criminals. What we’re witnessing is full scale assault in black communities rights to live in the UK. We’re all under scrutiny.

That’s why, we are supporting the call on the Prime Minister, to introduce an immediate amnesty for all those affected.”

It includes Black women such as Paulette Wilson 61, who have been wrongly sent to immigration removal centres and threatened with deportation, others like Anthony Bryan 60 and Albert Thompson. Many face a nightmare of injustice. Many have been made homeless, lost their jobs or been refused free NHS treatment simply because they are unable to produce a British passport.

Lee Jasper added, “ We condemn the Prime Minister policy as profoundly discriminatory representing a fundamental abuse of due process and the principles of natural justice. Its time for the UK to abandon its racist immigration policies.”


Note: MBC was formed in order to re-invigorate Black political mobilisation, contribute to the progressive Labour movement and the Momentum project.

Lee Jasper
MBC Press spoke person
07984 181797